The Order of the Golden Dawn ® offers both local and correspondence membership. Members residing within 500km of the Horus-Hathor Temple nº2 are considered local; for those members presence at both Equinoxes every year is mandatory to maintain membership within the Order. Correspondence members need not attend the Equinoxes although is it strongly encouraged. Aside from this it is required for students to attend a minimum number of Classes in each Grade (Online classes for correspondence members) before being permitted to apply for the next one. This of course can be fulfilled each at his own pace.

    To be admitted to our Order, the aspirant is to contact us and make known his desire to be initiated. If local, he will be given a date and appointment for Interview with the Cancellarius of the Temple or one of his assistants. The Interview sessions last approximately 2 hours. If by correspondence, the applicant will discuss these matters by e-mail or phone with the Cancellarius. During these discussions all questions the aspirant may have in regards to the Order will be answered. He will also be given an overview of the teachings of the Order, some of its History, our Services and our Dues Structure. At the end of this presentation he is given the opportunity to apply for initiation by filling out the Contact Sheet, and The Application Form. Following this is an evaluation period of 4-6 weeks during which time the application is viewed by the Wardens of the Temple, Astral Investigation is performed and a vote undertaken. If the application is approved, the Aspirant is then contacted and given a Date for Initiation. It must be taken into consideration that a member residing anywhere in the world will have to travel to the Horus-Hathor Temple nº2 for all Initiations. We do not perform so called Astral Initiations or offer courses for Self-Initiation. We firmly believe that a healthy Golden Dawn progression can only be nurtured by attending the Initiations in person, meeting various members of one’s Temple and keeping close contact with the mentors and Chiefs of the Order.