The Order of the Golden Dawn ® is an Initiating Order and an Esoteric School which emphasizes the Western Mystery traditions while retaining certain Eastern methods and teachings. Each grade within the Outer Order or Golden Dawn is designed to prepare the individual through the Lesser Mysteries for Adepthood. This is followed by Initiation into the Inner Order and the Greater Mysteries, the Supreme and Inward Initiation, where the path truly begins.

    In the course of the Outer Order Grades the members undergo 5 subsequent Initiations incorporating mysteries and myths of Egyptian, Greek, Jewish and Christian Origins. Aside from these Initiations, knowledge is imparted in written and oral form. Various lessons, diagrams, tables of attributions, personal rituals and meditations are taught, explained and expounded upon.

    The Outer Order is structured to provide a firm foundation in the following branches of study:

Qabalah and Biblical Study
Egyptian Myth and Godforms
Meditation Methods
Ritual Magic
Angelic and Demonic Hierarchy
Kameas, Sigils and Seals
Introduction to Skrying and Travelling in the Spirit Vision
Magical Tool Building
Greek Myths
Study of the Aura, Chakras, Subtle Bodies and Rays

    Once initiated into the Inner Order, members utilize the above foundational teachings to further their ability to perform higher workings and understand more complex formulas. The work of the Adept is much broader and encompasses many more advanced forms of magic and alchemy. Amongst other things, the Second or Inner Order focuses on the Enochian system, evocation, talismanic consecration, elemental/planetary/zodiacal magic, rising in the planes, theurgy, Initiation Formuli, practical Alchemy, Christian Mysticism, and Rosicrucian Philosophy to name but a few.

    The work of the Adept, simply put, is to unite the lower will unto the Higher Will to accomplish what he is called for in this earthly life.


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