The Golden Dawn was founded in 1888 as an amalgamation of various branches of study and a variety of currents which emerged from antiquity. It brought various Occult bodies together under one banner. Since its inception in the 19th Century the Order has split into many factions. Amongst these we find ‘The Rosicrucian Order of the Alpha et Omega’, ‘The Holy Order of the Golden Dawn’ and ‘The Order of the Stella Matutina’.

     The longest standing Temple in the History of the Golden Dawn was the Whare Ra Temple in Havelock North, New Zealand. While this Temple actually emerged from the Stella Matutina, in its later years it re-adopted methods and teachings more pertinent to the original ‘Order of the Golden Dawn’ (1888-1900). Our current Order and the Horus-Hathor Temple nº2 are Officially Warranted by Patrick Zalewski, Chief of the Thoth-Hermes Temple nº 1 in Australia.

    The knowledge of Whare Ra being passed onto Thoth-Hermes nº1 is now delivered to the Horus-Hathor Temple nº2 and its members. Therefore, our Order teaches methods and theories from all factions of the Golden Dawn. A complete harmony of all its branches has been assumed wherein the developments of each Order now benefits one central system. The Order of the Golden Dawn ® is a registered Quebec, Canada corporation. While trademark issues among various Orders are taking place regarding the Golden Dawn name, we find no interest in such political matters.Our Order is a mystery school providing guidance and teachings to its members to aid them on their Path to Enlightenment and the accomplishment of the Great Work by means of the Symbol, Ceremonial and Sacrament.

     Horus-Hathor Temple, Mother Temple of the Outer Order, is located in Montreal, Qc., Canada. Most of our members reside within the Quebec Province yet membership is open to all who pass the evaluation and who can travel to the Temple for Initiations. Once accepted, a Candidate undergoes 0=0 Neophyte Initiation and begins a long and profound journey of Magical and Mystical Experience.


     Horus-Hathor Temple nº2 offers Initiation into all Grades of the Outer Order and the opportunity to be invited to the Inner Order. The Grades of the Outer Order being:

0=0 Neophyte
1=10 Zelator
2=9 Theoricus
3=8 Practicus
4=7 Philosophus

     Each of the above Initiations is preceded by an examination to test each member’s Theoretical, Ceremonial and Alchemical aptitudes. Magical Objects are built in all Grades and also evaluated during these exams. Once a member passes the exam he is given a date for Initiation and may thus advance to the next Higher Grade. Initiations take place twice a month at Horus-Hathor Temple nº2, therefore greatly reducing waiting periods.

     Upon Graduating from the Grade of Philosophus members may apply for admittance to the Grade of Portal and after a certain period within that Grade, be invited for Initiation into the Inner Order and the Grades of:

5=6 Adeptus Minor
6=5 Adeptus Major
7=4 Adeptus Exemptus

Classes and Events

     On a weekly basis various Classes and Group events take place at the Horus-Hathor Temple nº2. Members are not required to attend any of these. Classes are divided into Grade levels. Each Grade having a particular night of the Week. During Classes members undergo Quizzes to test their knowledge of the material at hand, homework are assigned, Group Rituals in the Temple are conducted and Theories are set forth and explained in a Classroom with a qualified Instructor. Oral Tradition plays a large part of our Order’s teachings which shows how full study of the Golden Dawn system by one who is un-guided is nigh impossible. In our Classes we provide a vast amount of ‘side lectures’ as well as answer all questions regarding the Official Lectures members are expected to study. Events which take place at the Temple include Initiations, Equinox Ceremonies, Group Lectures and Group Invocations. All of these are open to members who have attained the Grade with which these events are related.



Knowledge Lectures

     The written knowledge within our Order comes in the form of ‘Knowledge Lectures’. These have been expanded upon since the Original Order in 1888 with the addition of various lectures, documents, diagrams, and explanations making each Grade Manual between 150 – 300 pages depending on the Grade. Each manual is divided into a Theoretical Section and a Practical Section. The Theoretical Sections include The Initiation Texts, all Diagrams, Documents related to the Grade Diagrams and Tables of Attributions to be memorized by the students. The Practical Sections of each Manual include all Rituals, Invocations, Meditations and Symbols to be worked with in the Temple. While the manuals are very complete, they do need to be complemented with Class Attendance, mentor communication and guidance from Higher Ranking members.


     Each student is assigned a personal mentor. Mentors are members who have enough experience in the Order to guide a member through the Grades from 0=0 to 4=7. They make themselves available to students to aid them in times of difficulty, to answer questions which cannot always be covered in class and they conduct the exams a student must pass to advance from Grade to Grade once these have been approved and scheduled by the Cancellarius of the Temple. Mentors overall assure a safe and personalized progression for each student on the Golden Dawn path.


Internet Services

     Internet forums and Online Classes are also available to our members. Each grade having one forum, these provide opportunities to share files, pictures, teachings, ideas and experiences of the Golden Dawn system. Online Calendars are also available so all members are aware of the times and dates of events at the Temple.



     Our Order has membership dues and makes profits from these. We have monthly fees and charge for Initiation Ceremonies. We do not believe anything in this World should be free and our Society functions as such that a good amount of resources is necessary for the Order to prosper and provide ongoing and improved services. The Order provides income to those members involved in the Administration and Governing of the Temple and it is exactly this which permits an excellent service in the bureaucratic and instructional departments.