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 The Order’s primary objective when it comes to its teachings, is to help the initiate build a Universe of Symbols within their sphere of sensation. This universe then serves as a common center for various myths and branches of occult symbolism to meet and overlap; myths and Symbols which might otherwise only distantly parallel or even contradict each other. The Golden Dawn brings these differing elements together through a syncretic, unifying, and progressive integration broken down through stages of development called: Grades.


Each Grade begins with the member undergoing an Initiation Ceremony. The Ceremony itself is a tremendous source of teachings. Through each Ceremony the candidate is taught rudiments of occult knowledge which are then expounded upon in the Grade following the Initiation itself, and more and more in the ensuing grades to follow.


In each Grade members are provided with a Grade compendium for all the core material of the grade. These hardcover manuals contain the essentials of the grade, and everything necessary to pass its exam for further progress beyond. In addition to the Grade compendium, numerous ‘Side Lectures’ are circulated in the Grades for members who are regular in attendance, and constant with their study.


The subjects of study are primarily extracted from the Western Mystery Traditions beginning in Ancient Egypt to the present day. According to our Manifesto, study of the Mysteries in the Golden Dawn is mainly classed under the following headings:


“…mysteries are given expression in the Order through elaborate theoretical study and practical application of such branches of knowledge as Egyptian, Judaic, Greek, Christian, G+++++, and T++++++ myths, theurgical and thaumaturgical magic, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Tarot and other forms of Divination, Astrology, Alchemy, Sexual Mysteries, Enochiana, Mysticism, Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, and Neo-Platonism which, in one harmonious syncretistic system, continually assist our Initiates in the Revelation, Awareness, and Expression of the Royal Secret…”


Beyond the written material itself, every Temple and Porch of the Order offers a series of Classes and other Instructional Meetings that members of various Grades can attend to receive further instruction on the core material. In such classes and meeting is where most of the Oral Tradition of the Order is communicated. In O.G.D., the Oral Tradition itself makes up for about half of the entire corpus of teachings in the system.


Lastly, beyond Initiation Ceremonies, Written Material, and ongoing Classes with oral instruction, members are also each assigned a personal mentor. This mentor is a higher-grade member who will closely monitor the progress of the students they have been assigned and as a result provide a more tailored form of guidance to each member in question.


Teachings form a very important part of Golden Dawn development in the three Orders. Most of the theoretical teachings imparted also carry over into all the practical work itself. Ultimately it is the combination of both theory and practice that yields the most powerful results, leading the initiate to a communion with their Divine Genius, and the full manifestation of the Higher (or True) Will.

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