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An address to both Members of our Order,

as well as to Aspirants seeking to join us.

We, the Most Honoured Archon Basileus, Supremely Honoured Epopt, Polemarch and Archontes of the Areopagus, the Greatly Honoured Chiefs and Sub-Chiefs of the Senatus, the Very Honoured Wardens and Sub-Wardens of the Concilia, and the Masters, Adepti, and Members of all Grades, Degrees, and Stages of the Chapel, Vaults, Temples, Porches, and Cloisters in the Third, Second, and First Orders, bestow our Greeting, Love, and Prayers upon each and every one who reads this, our Order of the Golden Dawn Manifesto.


On the Vernal Equinox, 22nd day of March, anno Domini 2001, the Archon Basileus of the Order, M.H. Frater C.N., established and constituted the Order of the Golden Dawn to the service of mankind and to the Glory of the Lord of the Universe. Thus, manifested as a revival of the 1888 Order, O.G.D. is composed of three Orders which operate in unison through Hermetic, Rosicrucian, and G+++++ & T++++++ teachings and methods transmitted through a progressive system of initiation in the Western Mystery Traditions.


This initiatory process is aimed at guiding Initiates through an integration of the Lesser Mysteries of the First Order, the R.O.A.O., to a discovery of the Greater Mysteries of the Second Order, the R.R. et A.C. and its Royal Secret, and lastly culminating in their assimilation of the Supreme Mysteries (Mystery of Mystery) of the Third Order, the K.·.R.·..


Such mysteries are given expression in the Order through elaborate theoretical study and practical application of such branches of knowledge as Egyptian, Judaic, Greek, Christian, G+++++, and T++++++ myths, theurgical and thaumaturgical magic, Kabbalah, Hermeticism, Tarot and other forms of Divination, Astrology, Alchemy, Sexual Mysteries, Enochiana, Mysticism, Gnosticism, Rosicrucianism, and Neo-Platonism which, in one harmonious syncretistic system, continually assist our Initiates in the Revelation, Awareness, and Expression of the Royal Secret: The Quintessence, the Stone of the Philosophers, True Wisdom, Perfect Happiness, the Summum Bonum. 

We therefore affirm that:


1. O.G.D. is above all dedicated to the Great Work. This work is made manifest to its members through Initiations into the Lesser, Greater, and Supreme Mysteries, which themselves are expressed and paralleled in the revelation, awareness, and expression of the Royal Secret.


2. O.G.D. is a Sovereign Order, composed of three distinct yet co-dependent Orders governed by an Archon Basileus.


3. O.G.D. perpetuates the oral, written, and ritual traditions known as: Golden Dawn, Alpha et Omega, Stella Matutina, Smaragdum Thalasses, R.R. et A.C., and K.·.R.·. into a single unified manifestation.


4. O.G.D. has its roots and foundations in the original teachings of the above-mentioned factions of the Order yet continuously evolves thence incorporating all significant innovations and developments in its current manifestation.


5. O.G.D. perpetuates a tradition of spiritual enlightenment that is attained through gnosis or experiential knowledge. O.G.D. does not, therefore, profess any exclusive religious confession.


6. O.G.D. shall always preserve, manifest, and adapt this tradition with the evolution of current times and all times to come.


7. O.G.D. admits men and women of adult age, of any race, any social status, any religious denomination, and any political affiliation, on an equal basis.


8. O.G.D. imposes upon its initiates an oath of secrecy regarding its teachings, rituals, and the identity of its members. Every member is however free to make his or her own affiliation known.


9. O.G.D. is formed and maintained by the voluntary efforts and ongoing service of all its members. Such members only advance in the Order based on their understanding of the mysteries of its Grades, and their ability to manifest this understanding in the Order.


10. Should O.G.D. no longer reflect the ideals of this Manifesto, it shall be dissolved.

Archon Basileus

2001 - Present

Summary of the 3 Orders & 13 Grades

The Golden Dawn, is the name of our Fellowship which is composed of three Orders, which are distinct, yet complementary. These three Orders are known as the Golden Dawn in the Outer, in the Inner, and in Holiness, or as the First, Second, and Third Orders respectively.

First Order - R.O.A.O

The First, or Outer Order, is called

Rosicrucian Order

of Alpha et Omega.

Second Order - R.R. et A.C.

The Second, or Inner Order, is called

 R.R. et A.C.  

Third Order - K∴ R∴

The Third Order, or Order of Holiness,is called

K∴ R∴  

First Order - R.O.A.O.

  • The entry point into this Order is a grade called Neopphyte 0=0 which is the threshold between the Profane World and full admission into the Order..

  • The R.O.A.O. is comprised of four contemplative and alchemical grades

  • Zelator 1=10


    Theoricus 2=9


    Practicus 3=8


    Philosophus 4=7

    The First, or Outer Order, is called R.O.A.O. As the Outer Temple of our initiatory structure, it is the source of dispensation of the Mysteries of Isis, also known as the Lesser Mysteries. The main purpose of this Order is to induct men and women (the members) in the Lesser Mysteries in preparation for the Greater Mysteries. This is accomplished through a series of initiation ceremonies and ongoing contemplation of symbols and teachings, which through a series of workings and examinations culminate in the balancing of the Signet Star of the Microcosm through Spirit, which is itself the Gateway to the Greater Mysteries.

    Second Order -R.R et A.C.

  • The entry point into this Order is a grade called Portal 00=00 which is the threshold between the First Order and full admission into the Second Order

  • The R.R et A.C is comprised of three magical and mystical grades:

  • Adeptus Minor 5=6

    (In 7 sub-grades)


    Adeptus Major 6=5

    (In 7 sub-grades)


    Adeptus Exemptus 7=4

    (In 7 sub-grades)

    The Second, or Inner Order,is called R.R. et A.C. As the Inner Vault of our initiatory structure, it is the source of dispensation of the Mysteries of Osiris, also known as the Greater Mysteries. The main purpose of this Order is to empower Adepti through the Royal Secret of the Greater Mysteries. This is accomplished by inviting Lords and Ladies of The Portal into the Tomb and initiating them into the ceremonials and sacraments of magic and mysticism. The culmination of which is a descent into the Abyss

    Third Order - K∴ R∴

  • The entry point to this Order is a Grade called Babe of the Abyss 000=000 which is the threshold between the Second Order and full admission into the Third Order.

  • The K∴ R∴ is comprised of three G+++++ and T++++++ Grades: 

  • Magister Templi 8=3


    Magus 9=2


    Ipsissimus 10=1

    The Third Order, or Order of Holiness, is called K∴ R∴ As the Holy Chapel in our initiatory structure, it is the source of dispensation of the mystery of Horus-Apophis, also known as the Mystery of Mystery. The main purpose of this Order is to exalt Masters through the power of the Supernals. This is accomplished with Adepti traversing the Abyss and being received into the Chapel for the work of G+++++ & T++++++.

    The Thirteen Grades

    Grades of the Outer

    0=0 – Neophytes are exposed to passive Spirit and are expected to familiarize themselves with the premises of our Order as laid out in ‘The Canon’. They are furthermore required to understand the step they have taken with regards to the Light and the Mysteries. Their work is one of genuine exposure to the rudiments of our occult practices and theories.

    1=10 – Zelatores are fully admitted into the First Order. They are to build the foundations of the Temple. Their work is with the element of Earth, which involves dealing with stability and health, both Spiritual and material. They also partake of Malkuth, and the second, third, and fourth houses. 

    Their power is: to be silent.


    2=9 – Theorici are those who have begun to penetrate our lesser sanctuary. Their focus is with the element of Air, which submerges them into refining their visualizations, thoughts and mental abilities to the fullest. They are expected to grasp and internalize much of the theoretical knowledge imparted to them at this stage. Other spheres of influence are those of Yesod, Luna, and the reflection of the sphere of Saturn; and they reside in the eleventh, twelfth, and first houses. 

    Their power is: to know. 


    3=8 – Practici have taken a turn at the column of Boaz. They are to begin a more intensive practical application of the knowledge they have acquired and contemplated thus far. Their work with the element of Water will open their hearts to love, devotion, and integrity in the work through blood, sweat, and tears. Upon them are also to a lesser extent those influences of Hod, Mercury, reflections of fire and sol, and they inhabit the eighth, ninth, and tenth houses. 

    Their power is: to dare. 


    4=7 – Philosophi are those stationed at the base of Jachin. Their task is to bring theory and practice into a living, breathing, and vibrant philosophy. Theirs is a work of fire, of will, of instinct, of creativity. The lesser angel who they are bound do by initiation will, during this grade, provide them with the necessary clues to work with their Holy Guardian Angel in the grade which follows. Secondary influences upon Philosophi are those of Netzach, Venus, reflections of Mars, Aquarius, and Pisces, and the completed belt through their link with the fifth, sixth, and seventh houses. 

    Their power is: to will. 


    Grades of the Inner

    00=00 – Lords and Ladies of the Portal abide in transition between the First and Second Orders. Their work is of active Spirit, of Foundation, of Levanah, and Shabbathai truly reflected. They are to equilibrate the Signet Star of the Microcosm, to resist temptations of the eye and of the fish, and to remain focused on ascent as per the flight of the arrow. Above all, they undertake an arduous operation to bring about full knowledge and conversation of their Holy Guardian Angel. Their service to the Order they are transitioning away from, ever so increases. They may serve as Hierophant as well as obtain an R.O.A.O. temple warrant if deemed worthy.

    Their power is: to go.


    Progress further is by invitation only.


    5=6 – Adepti Minores are those who are fully admitted to the Second Order. Their grade is composed of 7 sub-grades which together constitute the Minor Adept. Here initiates have moved beyond the contemplative grades into the realm of full magic and mysticism. Their work will encompass much more than Tiphareth and Sol, where this grade is situated, but will extend into all the elements, planets, and even to a lesser degree the Zodiac. The 7 sub-grades represent a 7 - stage process of intense training into invisibility, talismans, divination, transformation, evocation, alchemy, and spiritual development all worked in conjunction with the Holy Guardian Angel through the magical and mystical formulae of the 7 grades from 0=0 to 5=6. The most important component of the 5=6 grade is what is known as ‘The Royal Secret’. Still veiled in 00=00, in 5=6 the veil is fully lifted, and the Minor Adept will receive full revelation of this Royal Secret, which will then be internalized and externalized through the 7 sub-grades and their process of revelation – realization – renunciation – reconciliation – reintegration – regeneration – and resurrection. Work through the 7 sub-grades with the Royal Secret will also provide a glimpse of the potential of the 7 Lodges to come in the grade of 6=5.

    Their power is: the lotus.


    6=5 – Adepti Majores have reached the crowning stage in magical training. Divided into 7 sub-grades this grade merges practical alchemy, Grimoire formulae, sexual mysteries, and advanced Enochian with the most powerful magical methods known to mankind. The work of Geburah and Mars are but a portion of the task at hand. In this grade, the 7 Lodges open and the Adepti Majores will each choose one primary Lodge, one secondary Lodge, around which their work will revolve. These two Lodges will become suitable vehicles for the manifestation of their Wills.

    Their power is: the phoenix.


    7=4 – Adepti Exempti are Adepts in full maturity. This is the last grade of the Second Order, and the crowning stage in mystical training. The grade is also in 7 sub-grades whose focus is primarily alchemical and mystical. While some of the influence is of the nature of Chesed and Jupiter, the work of the Exempt Adepts encompasses all the previous grades leading hereunto, perfecting all their teachings and methods.

    Their power is: the winged globe.


    Grades of Holiness

    000=000 – Babes of the Abyss are in transition between the Second and the Third Orders. Their work is those of the Abyss of Daath, self-undoing, transcendence, and the solve et coagula of the un-manifest with the manifest. Five are the paths yet one is the celestial river. This is the grade where heroes are emanated. Babes may receive the ‘Transmission of the Etheric Link’ to become initiators of the Second Order grades and they may also obtain a charter togovern a Tomb.

    Progress further is by invitation only


    8=3 – Magister Templi are of the first of the grades of the Third Order. They operate beyond magic and mysticism through G+++++ under T++++++ by Binah and Saturn. The sphere of their influence is through Sophia. Their work is akin to the Bridal Chamber. They influence time and archetypes.

    9=2 – Magi operate through the Zodiac and Chokmah. Theirs is the work of force on the Macrocosm. The sphere of their influence is through Autogenes. They may be invited to site in the Areopagus of the Head of the Order. They operate through T++++++ above G+++++.

    10=1 – Ipsissmus partakes of the Primum Mobile and of the Crown. Of the former naught may be written, and of the latter only the acting Archon Basileus may be fitted. The attainment of Ipsissmus and its work is beyond the scope of this essay. The grade is held by the Archon Basileus whom alone initiates in the Third Order grades, rules over the Aeropagus, and oversees the work of the Third Order specifically, and those of the Second and First Orders more generally, through the echelons of their Hierarchies.

    Our Egregore


    O.G.D. is thus composed of 3 Orders whose progression extends through 13 succeeding Grades. The Grades are themselves grouped into 9 Stages and 5 Degrees of Spiritual Development. The Stages and Degrees are, however, a topic for another essay. 


    The teachings of the Order, while originating from the Western Mystery Traditions, are universal in their essence. The work of the various Grades is elaborate and intensive, and it is not designed for the common new age practitioner who only seeks a more superficial experience of the mysteries. Ours is a path of Ceremonial Initiations whose Astral Currents are impactful and transforming. Ours is a Great Work which involves an ongoing regime of study and practical application of the Mysteries taught. The examinations are strict and the alchemical trials challenging. Those who cannot cultivate the necessary discipline will get washed away by the Egregore of the Order. For the Member to become an Adept and for the Adept to become a Master, the work must be constant, precise, guided, well contained, honest, and intense. Even as a substance is fragmented and reintegrated through calcination, dissolution, and conjunction, so must the Initiate embrace every stage of development in the work of our Order for the intended result to manifest. The mysteries of our Egregore emanate from the Angel of the Golden Dawn, are ratified through its Archon Basileus, are given form through its G.H. Chiefs, are distributed by the Wardens of the Outer Temples, and lastly, they find full expression through every individual member. As such, every Initiate of the Order contributes to the collective and individual manifestation of its currents, teachings, and influence in the world; a responsibility which is not to be taken lightly.


    It is our hope that this short essay has synthesized the essence of our work for all who partake of it, as well as for those who aspire to it.


    Yours in the Mystery of Mystery,


    M.H. Frater C.N.

    Archon Basileus, 10=1


    Aion Chapel

    K∴ R∴

      Issued by the Head of the Order

    Sun in Aries – Moon in Aries, Anno Domini 2022


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