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O.G.D. does not charge money for the Transmission of Light per say, but it is necessary to charge fees to cover various expenses. Individual Temples set their own Initiation Fees to cover expenses directly related to the Ceremonies, to cover costs for their locations, the production or procurement of regalia, and printing compendiums. Initiation fees include all examinations, Initiation Ceremonies, regalia (such as Nemyss, Sash, Badges, Cordelière, etc), Seals, Certificates, and hardcover compendium that the members keep.


In O.G.D., Temples are permitted to collect local and correspondence membership dues, to cover expenses directly related to their regular operation, such as rent, bills, advertising, production of regalia, furniture, future developments, etc.

Dues go directly to the Treasury of the Temple through its Cancellarius Office and are only used for its operation. A moderate but responsible surplus can be acquired to ensure predictability and expansion regarding expenses. Every Temple sets their own membership dues based on necessity and considering the economic situation of the country where the Temple is located.

For new applicants, both Temple Initiation Fees and Temple Membership Dues, are settled between the Applicant and that the Cancellarius of the Temple to which they are applying.


O.G.D. has minimal international dues for membership. The dues are annual and thus cover membership for one G.D. year, from March 22nd to March 22nd.

These are payable by the Vernal Equinox each year paid directly to the Cancellarius of one’s Cloister/Porch/Temple or directly to the Registrar of the Order at [email protected]

Payments made directly to the Registrar are done using the links below.


The cost for annual international dues is specific to each Order of O.G.D.*

1st Order (0=0 to 4=7): €60

2nd Order (00=00 to 7=4): €120

3rd Order (000=000 to 10=1): €240

*Not Cumulative*

These dues must be current and paid in full in order to attend any event or receive any form of service from any of the Orders of the O.G.D..

Failure to pay dues through the course of an entire O.G.D. year automatically results in a member being considered to have demitted from the Order.

Applicants upon applying for membership are only required to pay the remaining months from the 22nd of the month from which they apply (inclusive), to March 22nd following.**

This calculation is done month by month disregarding any extra or less days in a month.

**For example, a person applying on July 25th would cover dues from July 22nd to March 22nd (i.e. 8 months)

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